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Max Ganz's Redshift Workbench Bugzilla

Well, there was a Bugzilla here, but after upgrading to Debian 12, it unrecoverably fell over and died.

It was my fault - I used Bugzilla's install script to install Perl modules, and they did not update when the OS upgraded.

I thought I could just reinstall after OS upgrade, but this in fact is not working, so that's it - one dead Bugzilla.

You should and should only use OS package management - problem is, there are so many modules to install it was just too time consuming.

Installing and setting up Bugzilla is quite an effort, and this is not the first time I've lost a Bugzilla or the data there-in and now, well, I can't use Bugzilla again. Too fragile.

When I selected Bugzilla for Redshift Workbench, I had a good look round and nothing else that existed looked good to me, so I think now I need to write my own bug tracker.

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