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Version Date Comments
1 2023-03-06
  1. Initial release. The crowd goes wild!
2 2023-08-27
  1. Widespread, but not too many, minor documentation fix-ups (mainly overlooked columns with no documentation).
3 2023-09-17
  1. Broke out the query text link into two, one for DDL/MDL and the first 4k bytes (not chars) of SQL (but without any formatting - one long line), the other for full SQL (retaining original formatting). The former is timely, the latter has performance issues - think ten minutes to get one query text.
  2. Changed sorting order of the history of events for a table from chronologically descending to chronologically ascending.
  3. Added version column to page cluster_v1.
  4. Renamed cluster column to ip on page cluster_v1.
  5. Removed idle column from pages cluster_v1, cluster_nodes_v1 and database_nodes_v1.
  6. Sorting now works correctly for columns displaying durations (age and idle are particular examples).
4 2024-01-20
  1. Added the exclude schema option to page schemas_v1.
  2. Added pg_temp_% to schemas excluded by the exclude schema option.
  3. Added column length, which shows view text length in bytes, to pages views_v1, views_normal_v1, views_materialized_v1.
  4. Bug fix, precison and scale columns (but not the full data type column, which was correct) were swapped over for pages tables_columns_v1 and views_columns_v1.Added support for COPY to table history page.
  5. Separated table analysis into fast and slow modes, where the fast mode does not perform checks to see if string columns are in fact purely other data types - this checking is very, very slow, on larger tables.
  6. Added page cluster_transactions_v1, one row per transaction for all transactions with two or more queries.
  7. Modified order by of database_locks_v1 and cluster_locks_v1, as the existing order by not did include enough columns, and so differing rows could be seen as identical for ordering, which led to "jumping".
  8. Fixed a bug where in the list of tables, the related page for constraints was calling the wrong page name and so generating a 500. I need to investigate why the site walker did not catch this.
  9. Modified improper behaviour in the page for constraints, where a "!=" had been used instead of an "=", and so it was listing all constraints *except* those of the table it *should* have listed constraints for.
  10. Modified unexpected behaviour in the page for constraints, where it was listing only tables which had two or more constraints (i.e. multi-column constraints only). Now lists all constraints.
  11. Changed order of start/end UTC/local timestamps in the data filter.
5 2024-02-17
  1. Renamed to Redshift Workbench.

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